Frequently Asked Questions


Why Deep Cleaning Should be Done on Monthly Basis or at-least every 3 Months?

Pune City is ranked amongst Top Ten Most Polluted Cities of India. The amount of dust is high in Pune City due to current development projects.Nowadays, increasing number of people suffering with allergies and breathing problems in today's society; for more information Click Here.


What is Deep Cleaning; examples of deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning the bathroom means getting the inside of the cupboards, under the sink and the medicine cabinet. This is where you go through and throw out that stomach medicine you haven't used since last New Years, and all of your old makeup. It's time consuming, but now you have an excuse to go shopping for new make up! for more information Click Here.


Why Carpet Cleaning is important?

Are you often coming down with a cough or a cold, or do just often feel unwell? Very few people consider it, but there is a chance your re-occurring illnesses may have something to do with the cleanliness of your carpets. for more information Click Here


I Clean my house daily. Why do I need 9Ts Deep Cleaning Services?

What you or your maid does daily is mere aesthetic(Visual/artistic) cleaning, whereas 9Ts Deep Cleaning provides deep and total cleaning with professional cleaning materials and equipments (For e.g. Powerful Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Scrubbing Machines).


Can you clearly explain the difference between aesthetic and deep cleaning?

Let's take example of your bed and mattress. You may be changing your bed sheet daily but do you know that you could be sharing our bed with millions of dust mites. How frequently you clean your mattress. Dirt and dust on mattresses cannot be removed without professional techniques and vacuum cleaning. There are many such places in your home our demo will help you to educate about deep total cleaning and hygiene at home.


When I can use 9Ts Deep Cleaning Services?

You can use 9Ts Deep Cleaning services regularly for your weekly/monthly/bimonthly/quarterly home cleaning as per your needs. You can also use our one shot service before and after party or weddings/festivals. We also provide one time service for move in and move out of the rented /own apartments. We recommend all people to get their house deep cleaned every 3 months.


Why I cannot pay my maid extra and get done these things?

Your maid do not have attitude for total deep cleaning & also professional equipments and cleaning supplies; so again you end up doing just aesthetic cleaning.


How much will it cost me to use 9Ts Cleaning Services?

General price range has been given for every service on their respective page for confirmed status We need to talk to you to understand your requirement before giving Quote so please contact us for costing details.


Are we the best at what we do?

Our clients seem to think we are! We also do of course. Please see the testimonials page with comments from some of our longest standing customers. 9Ts Company is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in Pune. That is because our service is fast and efficient, and prices are extremely keen! Our continued growth, year on year, is because we are extremely good at what we do.


How do our prices compare to others?

9Ts Company believe in offering the best possible service for the most economical price based upon the requirements of our clients. As a result we can tailor our service to meet your needs and offer solutions to meet restricted budgets if necessary. We have low overheads as a result of centralised management and can reflect that in our quotations to you. Tight management and experienced surveyors enable us to give fixed price quotations for work rather than open ended estimates.


How can we know you will do a good job?

Upon completion our clients are invited to carry out their own inspection to ensure works have been carried out to their satisfaction before our team leaves their site; we are not satisfied till the time our client is. Additionally we are soon going to introduce service to provide digitally photographed evidence of all completed works.


I have some more questions?

We are always happy to answer all your queries; you can call us on 95958 65924 for further information.