Kitchen Cleaning Services Kitchen Cleaning Services

Method of Cleaning

  1. Dusting (Manual & Mechanized)
  2. Scrapping (Manual & Mechanized)
  3. Scrubbing (Manual & Mechanized)
  4. Washing (Manual & Mechanized)
  5. Wiping (Manual & Mechanized)
  6. Polishing/Shining (Manual & Mechanized)

Our Executive will give you the details of Cleaning Method & Cost; kindly confirm your contact details so that we can contact you.


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Price for Kitchen Cleaning

We use "Pay for Use" structure for billing.

Cost varies due to factors like Size, Material, Pattern, Interior, Furniture, dirtiness e.t.c. We will visit for a survey to give you quote. Please give us your address to visit. The visit/Survey is "free".


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